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Traditional NFTs companies are profit driven, focused on products revolved around microtransactions, gaming, trading and other methods. At CookDAO, our mission is to revitalize the industry to provide our users with innovative experiences, in which users can own and doubled up their crypto assets.

NFT's Collections
had started

Gold Cook
profit margin
up to 2x

Platinum Cook
profit margin
up to 2.5x

Diamond Cook
profit margin
up to 3x

About us

What Is A Cook Dao?

At the foundation of the CookDAO, $SIFE will be used for governing the CookDAO.While & $KIWI will be used for mining and earning purposed .$SIFE & $KIWI have massive utility across all products and within the CookDAO communities which include, voting, revenue sharing, staking, and much more!

Have you liked the monkey? we are designers who create amazing and unique NFT With the monkey for the model.


Community Worldwide


Address Holders 

Amazing Securitization Modal

New model created by well known New-Zealand
team in blockchain industry
and supported by more than 700+
communities around the world

Community support

Join the community we created to buy,
sell and display your NFT

Discussion Room

Discuss with NFT owner members, and
give us feedback on what you expect
from shep

Affiliate Partners

Management team

Michael Novogratz

CEO of CookDAO

founder of CookDAO , co-partner of Goldman Sachs and CEO of Galaxy digital

He is also the incubator, advisor or investor of a couple of Nft projects such as axie-infinity, NFTrade, devikins....

Before founding CookDao, Michael novogratz partner of goldman sachs.


cod of cookdao

Edmund is the co-founder, chief marketing, and strategy in CookDao.

He defines himself as an analyst with the business intuition necessary to analyze opportunities for growth.

Before co-founding Cookdao, he had years of experience in analytical roles, marketing, management, and entrepreneurial ventures.


COM of cookdao

Jacinda had experience working on notable nft projects including axie infinity and devikins.

she also diligence leader who has evaluated and advised over 30 projects during the past.


CFO of cookdao

suhail has 10+ years of experience public relations and created huge successful ico, ieo, ido in various industries such as finance, business management… and more than seven year of experience in blockchain. He also owned a trustworty share holder with Emirates Airline.


pbd of cookdao

Jessica is a driven product owner with 8 years of experience in large-scale software development.

She is also a passionate mentor at Mentori, a leading career orientation platform.


CTO of Cookdao

Launched 10+ blockchain products as cto

highly experieced in fintech,nft &deFi development


Phase 3 - 2022

Production Kick Off

CookDAO NFT Creation

New Tokenomics($SIFE & $KIWI)

DEX Listing

Marketing Phase 1

Pre-sale & Public Sale(First IDOs)

Publicity CookDAO’s NFT Securitization

Integrate valuable & potential blockchain’s project

Telegram Community

Audit Smart Contract

Creation of CookDAO Support Desk


Further Exchange Listings

Token of Cook’s NFT($SIFE) breakthrough 100Million Market Value

Token of Cook’s NFT($KIWI) breakthrough 500Million Market Value

CookDAO NFT breakthrough 100x Profit earnings

Benchmarket of completion CookDAO NFT ecosystem

Fully interoperable platform

2024 Roadmap release

phase 4 - 2022

Listing on CMC(CoinMarketCap)/CoinGekco

NFT Webviewer

NFT Marketplace

DeFi eco-system development

Community Growth & Engagement

Affiliate Program

Discord Community

phase 2 - 2022

Pre Production 

Market Research 

DApp Development

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